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Airbatu is a jazz quintet formed in February 2013 at a jazz community event in Yogyakarta. By taking the name “Airbatu” from an Indonesian unpopular island located in East Java, the quintet wishes to remind Indonesian people of what they have in their land, including some beautiful islands in Indonesia that’s still rarely heard or visited. The personnels are Dias Agusta (guitar), Wiwit Yulian (keyboard), Victor Prabowo (double bass), Jay Afrisando (soprano saxophone) and Okvan Pramudya (drum).

This selftitled debut album is the documentation of compositions from each personnel that have previously been created before this group was formed. Just like their name, the contemporary smooth jazz/light fusion can become a golden ticket for your mind to be at breezy, white-sandy, jazzy beach lies in tropical island. This album’s also perfect to listen to when you need some quality relaxing hours, candlelight dinner, a reliable companion while working and so on. If you want to listen to the samples, simply go to this Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy8Ms8ADgi4.

5 young guns from Yogyakarta offer 6 beautiful songs to your jazzy ears. Go grab it and let your mind wander to the beautiful corners of an exotic island.


1. Journey
2. Faiz & Fahmi
3. Secret
4. Sungai di Belakang
5. Larung Sembonyo
6. Take It Easy

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