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Djakarta Artmosphere 2011

Djakarta Artmosphere

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Title: Djakarta Artmosphere

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Description: Jakarta is a megapolitan city where millions of people from different identities, backgrounds and cultures live in. The heterogeneity creates something unique in this city in terms of art. There are many art forms happening in there from time to time, there are interesting mixtures as well, shaping Jakarta to be the atmosphere of art among other things. Thus if we want to celebrate the colorful art atmosphere that’s been happening for many, many decades through music, we have to do it without strictly rooting in any particular genre and have to involve the best artists from the living legends to today’s stars.

That’s what Djakarta Artmosphere has been doing since 2009. Not only they brought many legends back in style, they also create surprising collaborations that we might never thought to happen before. Now here’s the good news: the Djakarta Artmosphere 2011 is now available on DVD! We covered this show last year so we know how magnificent it was. (Read it here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/djakarta-artmosphere-2011-the-report/ ) For you who came to the show, now you can bring all the memory back, but if you missed it, here’s your second chance.

For approximately 100 minutes the DVD (recorded on October 22, 2011) gives a stunning audio-visual recording, featuring concert documentation where the unbelievable collaborations between legends and the current stars did their actions. Their ages and selected songs could span over 3 decades or even more, but you won’t realize it anymore once you watch how they blend their eras as one. Look at the pairings in this DVD:

– Endah N Rhesa and Margie Segers

– Sarasvati and Keenan Nasution

– BRNDLS and Koes Plus

– Pure Saturday and Yockie Suryoprayogo

Grand stage design, top-notch lightings helped to give more spirit for the talents in pouring their strong-positive energy on stage. No senior-junior anymore, age became just numbers. Together they create one experience that you’ll remember for a long time to come. This is a must-have DVD to add on your collection. “Art for a Better Indonesia”, the main concept of Djakarta Artmosphere is well captured in it, and we believe it will encourage us all to do our parts for a better future. Grab it now and enjoy the mouth-watering collaborations in multi-magic moments.

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