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Indro Hardjodikoro – Feels Free

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Title: Feels Free

Artists: Indro Hardjodikoro – Feels Free

Description: After being inside the inner jazz circle for more than 2 decades, Indro Hardjodikoro finally answered his calling to step up in front with his own band. It’s the chance for him to present the real him, the music style he’s really into, and it’s time for us to know more about him. Listening to ?Feels Free? is like having a flashback into the delightful scene of Indonesian jazz fusion in the 90’s, but serves to fit the current trend. You can get a hint that he expresses the freedom of fusion from that era but it doesn?t feel old at the same time. It?s a journey of sound in which Indro takes us to see the freedom of sound comes from his inner sense. The compositions were all made by Indro himself during his career as a musician. As a jazz musician, he knew he had to leave some room for improvisations, and that?s what he did. Simply put, the beauty of jazz fusion finds its mark with this album.

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1.Titik Awal

2.I Like Surprise

3.My Angels

4.Green Land

5.Feels Free


7.Drum and Bass

8.Menyapa Pagiku

9.Lost City


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