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Jay & Gatra Wardaya - Tanda Hati: Sembilan Lukisan Kata & Nada

Jay & Gatra Wardaya – Tanda Hati: Sembilan Lukisan Kata & Nada

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Who said jazz can’t go along well with poems? Jay Afrisando and the band Gatra Wardaya has done it, not just once but twice. The first album (EP) titled “Membuatku Cinta” (2012) took 5 of Terry Perdanawati’s poems which talk about love, romanticism and humanity into a smooth jazzy tunes. This EP is available in our store: http://store.jazzuality.com/products/cd/jay-gatra-wardaya-membuatku-cinta/. Now Jay & Gatra Wardaya launches the second strike titled “Tanda Hati: Sembilan Lukisan Kata & Nada” (Sign of Heart: Nine Words & Melodies Painting). This time the Jay and the band composed and adapted the poems from nine different poets, including the senior Sindhunata and Ikun Sri Kuncoro and young poets suchs as Rahne Putri, Ollie, Lelaki Budiman, Puspa Panglipur, Suryawan WP, Andi Gunawan and Terry Perdanawati. If expressing poems in jazz is already unique, they explore much further like using the Gambang Kromong musical patterns, matching electric bass and contrabass altogether, combining duo string and clarinet, free improvisations and so on.

Other important thing to mention is that this package has two CD: one audio CD and another one explains the journey of Jay & Gatra Wardaya and the story behind this album in both written and visual. Using the digital format like this supports their motto: “cut less give more”. They wish to use less paper and contribute in decreasing the tree cutting that can help to save the environment. Interesting and artistic concept, lovely jazz music that holds an important cause, all packed in this album. You can support them, the creativity, the idea and their environmental-care movement by buying the album.

If I Were a Book
Nota 16 Maret 2010
Jika Rindu Itu Peluru
Sepakat Untuk Tidak Sepakat
Ko Put On
Jika Sepi Mampir ke Rumah
Karena Rasa Hanyalah Titipan
Pada Sebuah Titik
Sajak Sang Rumput

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