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Title: Manna

Artists: Manna


Formed in 2008, Manna is currently continuing their path on giving the rockin’ side of jazz. The name itself was taken from the combination of two personnels who established the group, the legendary bassist A.S Mates and superb guitarist Achmad Ananda. Along with power rockin drum beat of Jessi Mates and an additional vocalist/rapper Fajri Rusani, the band dares to go outside the border by playing totally free. They can go tossing their music from side to side, bringing the prog rock/jazz. Often Ananda (Nanda)’s roaring guitar play goes wild in rock style like in one of one of the song written by Nanda, “Traffic”. Or try to listen to their creativity of pinning Thelonious Monk’s “In Walked Bud” with adding up the urban sound by a little rap plus the nuance of Guns n’ Roses in the middle. For us Manna is one of the group that can bridge the rock and jazz world and everything else in between. They also have some blues touch and funk taste. This independent album is difficult to find somewhere else. If you are into rock and jazz that goes further than fusion, this is a must have.


In Walked Bud

In Another Way


Long Ago

Inner Urge

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