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Six Strings - I Got Your Back

Six Strings – I Got Your Back

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Dewa Budjana, Tohpati, Eross Candra (SO7), Baim, Baron, and Andre Dinuth are undeniably reputable and inspiring guitarists of this era. If each of them make an album or a concert, you can always expect good quality stuffs. Now, listen to this. What would happen if these six guitar gods join forces as one? Perhaps most of us would think that it’s only a dream, but hey, it’s not a dream anymore. It’s real! Calling themselves 6 Strings, from a simple chit chat and discussing equipments, an album titled “I Got Your Back” is now up for grab. These guitarists have everything. Skill, passion, style, character, power.. you name it, they have it. Buying this CD means your will get 6 different musical exploration, and if that’s not enough, hell breaks loose when they all strike together in a song. Different background, different personal journey, one spirit. This album will give you another perspective of guitar playing and a maximum pleasure. A must, especially for guitar lovers out there.

I Got Your Back
Super Nice Things
Baby Crunch
Dear Yulman
Men Like Us
Perpetual Hype
Juwita Malam
Maju Tak Gentar

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