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Sketsa - Different Seasons

Sketsa – Different Seasons

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Mainly Sketsa is, and will always be a dynamic guitar duo between Gerald and Dimas. That’s the core formation of Sketsa since its birth 2005. Having said that, this duo can expand the size with more players in various formations depending on the musical requirements and type of events. Once Gerald told us this: “Both me and Dimas always love to have more tones by adding other instruments than guitar.” He also told us that he always look for new exploration to avoid stagnation. No room for safe play for them, they seem to know that there are so many territories they haven’t been to, and they are more than happy to get into each and every one of them. They can come with both electric and acoustic. Just like painting on a canvas, these folks can sketch anything from simple things to complex and multi-textured/colored stuffs, all will just be beautiful. After the debut “Childhood’s Dream” which was more into electric, “Different Seasons” shows how far they dare to go. Tohpati is the producer, plus the album features Kevin Yosua (bass), Dhika Chasmala (violin), Andreas Arianto (clarinet), Baskoro Juwono (vocals) and Ditto (percussions).
By using kind of ‘unsual’ instruments than the ones normally used in a combo, Sketsa describes three different seasons of our lives, including the ups and downs, and shows that creativity is really beyond limit.

Different Seasons
Waltz For Alice
Try Anything
Up & Down
Kita Tidak Bisa Mengulang Masa Lalu Namun Ada Masa Depan
Anak Bungsu (Feat.Tohpati)
Cooking Rice
Little Farewell

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