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Sri Hanuraga - To The Universe

Sri Hanuraga – To The Universe

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After The Brag Pack – Just Braggin’ and the self-titled album, Sri Hanuraga which are released in Europe, the scientific jazz pianist Sri Hanuraga (Aga) strikes again with a new album, “To The Universe”. Just like the previous two albums, Aga plays with international musicians: Mattia Magatelli (double bass/electric bass), Kristijan Krajncan (drums) and Rodrigo Parejo Mateos (flute). This album contains original songs and some folk songs which are brilliantly re-arranged into challenging jazz compositions. The album is recorded in Amsterdam, mixed and mastered by Aga’s partner in the Brag Pack, Paul Rutschka, but now it’s distributed in Indonesia by Demajors. Very affordable price for an album like this, grab it while it last.


Teka Teki
Ever Changing Part 1
Ever Changing Part 2
Ever Changing Part 3
To The Universe
Suwe Ora Jamu
Gundul Pacul
A Palm For You

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