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Tesla Manaf feat. Mahagotra Ganesha - It's All Yours (Reissue)

Tesla Manaf feat. Mahagotra Ganesha – It’s All Yours (Reissue)

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In 2011 young jazz guitarist Tesla Manaf found his breakthrough by releasing a brilliant collaborative album with the Balinese ensemble from ITB, Mahagotra Ganesha. Giving “It’s All Yours” as the title, the album invites the listeners to a musical adventure about the relationship between human and nature which has a beginning, conflict, climax and closing just like how a movie should be. The songs are intense, full of drama and connected. Daringly took the risk, Tesla produced 1000 copies. But then he made it. In only 3 months 800 copies were sold. He received praises not only from his own land but also from US, Japan and Germany.

If you haven’t bought it before it’s sold out, here comes your second chance. The Reissue edition of Tesla Manaf ft Mahagotra Ganesha is now back in the market distributed by Demajors. For you who have bought a copy, you better get this one too because Tesla has added TWO NEW TRACKS that stand as the aftermath, after, positively thinking, human has made peace with the nature. A lot of feelings can be found in both tracks.

The combination of modern, Western instruments and traditional, Eastern (in this case Balinese) instruments (gangsa, ceng ceng, kantil, jublag-Balinese gamelan, gong, kemplug) can be found in it. all has their own role, sharing each room in balanced portion. You can clearly hear the progressive jazz, but at the same time you will get the pure, mystical Balinese music. Not to mention the special segment where Jauk Keras (the Red-face Masked dancer) appear and walks around the audiences. Tesla Manaf feat Mahagotra Ganesha opens up a new musical world as well as proving how jazz could blended perfectly with just about any kind of music, including the traditional Balinese music and using it to send an important, positive message to everyone.

Read more info about this album here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-news/tesla-manaf-feat-mahagotra-ganesha-its-all-yours-reissue/

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Bonus tracks:
Part 1
Part 2

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