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The Jongens Quartet - Industri

The Jongens Quartet – Industri

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Ramadhani Syah (piano), Johanes Radianto (guitar), Donny Sundjoyo (double bass) and Elfa Zulham (drums) as The Jongens Quartet is back again with the second album, “Industri”. They are mostly graduated from Conservatory of Music Groningen, Netherlands and established the band in 2011. They play the true sound of modern jazz and reflects the rich textures with many interesting twists and bites inside. If the first Selftitled album has 5 songs, “Industri” contains more tracks. This album is also featured a guest star, miss Amelia Ong in “Mr Jones”. You wish to hear tight, clean and neat pure modern jazz with some scents of European Jazz? This one’s for you.


Elmo Blues
Morning Call
Mrs Jones (ft Amelia Ong)
Mr Marley
Before Dawn
TV Series

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